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Comunicação e sociedade

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Photocopiable Materials



 Power Point Presentations


barnaby-goes-to-london2454.ppt ( a visit to London )


Tourist attractions.ppt






Runaway train by Soul Asylum ( a video and tasks for the lyrics )


Manic Monday by the Bangles








 Paparazzi-reading tasks



Vídeo Activity2.doc ( writing activity with scenes from the film )




language practice- Papparazzi1.doc (adjectives degrees and connectors )




Online Tasks


http://www.manxman.ch/moodle/file.php/3/transport/Memory.html (intercative memory game for transports and other related stuff )


http://www.jamesabela.co.uk/beginner/travel/Flashcards.swf ( images related with travelling )


Interactive tasks ( games.. )


Listening task about types of films


Language activities -PAST TENSE


Entertainment ( several language activities around this topic for elementary students )


Around town ( several language activities around this topic )


MAPS- create your map  and add comments !


MAPS- create your map and make your comments 

MAP- The places I've lived by Isabel Neves




Online games for prepositions of place, timetables, ...in MOODLE from ESB, section- ONLINE GAMES  



Game16.zip ( interactive map in which learners make decisions according to given directions)



ONLINE LESSONS for ESB ( readymade plans with instructions for a 90 minute lesson )


online lesson 1 http://www1.freewebs.com/isabelneves/cefcommunication.htm ( Means of transport and webquest A Visit to London )


Online lesson 1 http://centroeducatis.net/esbmoodle/course/view.php?id=17 ( Meansof transport and webquest -A visit to London


Famous tourist attractions


Online lesson3 ( giving directions and prepositions)


Online lesson 4


http://a.w-z.webpark.pl/index02.htm( Asking the way/ directions )


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